Trouble with bud growth

I have my 2nd crop ever budding. I went on vacation and trusted someone to work my lights and feed my plants unfortunately they failed to do so. My plants went about a week with no light and no water. They've become droopy and looks to have started dying but is 99% still green. What should I do too increase bud growth? What will help them finish quickly and strong? The plants have started to come back but are not fully back yet

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2 answers

  • I don't think there is anything you can do. Time is what you need now. Hopefully, they didn't herm on you. I plan my crops around vacations. So I don't have to rely on people to take care of my plants. Sucks when you can't trust a friend to help you out. Good Luck Tedro and happy growing.

  • just water and 12/12 light will bring them back to life!

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