Beta Testers! Has anyone been contacted?

I don't know about anyone else, but I have not heard anything about being a beta tester since I filled their form out. What gives GrowBuddy? Are you still releasing an updated version or is the project dead? It has been a hot minute since there were talks of a GB 2.0

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8 answers

  • Hi MTHigh,

    We are still working hard on the new version of GrowBuddy. We are on schedule for a Beta release the start of October. As we get closer to the release date we will contract the people who signed up for the Beta to get their accounts set up.


    Thank you for your patience as we rebuild everything from the ground up. We are very excited about what we are creating and hope you will be too. 


    Greenest Regards,

    GB Team

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    Man, I was hoping it would be sooner.  I'll be moving my veg plants into the flower tent around the firsrt of September and will be starting a new grow for the veg tent around the same time.  I tend to run 2-4 strains at a time 3 plants per strain, and that's why I really want the v2.0 - as far as I can tell, you can't do that in the current version

  • Grow Buddy Team...

    Like many other growers, I will be starting a new grow season the end of August or beginning of September. When the Beta is released in October, will we be able to port all of our info from the current version to the 2.0 Beta version? Or, will we have to start fresh? I'm thinking probably fresh, but it would be nice if most info was port-able.

  • Im excited for the new version and some cool looking monitoring gadgets too. I love gadgets lol.

  • Looking forward to the new version. Would love to get an estamated date for release or if it needs more time.

  • How about an answer people. Thought it was beginning of october.

  • We’ve been waiting to be able to even use the app for over a year now. We all have to be resigned to the fact that it will never happen. They had a good thing and got greedy. Stringing along end users with the hope of some immaculate update that can never be produced due to spending time trying to manufacture and sell environmental sensors. 


    October will come and go. No update will be produced.


    GrowBuddy - MacFarlen Grow App with free tickets to slipknot and Bieber when you preorder 50 environment sensors today!!!!!

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    Today having information about your indoor is key. But if you don't have a good place to be able to process the information, the truth is meaningless.

    Every day that passes I am improving my excel and less and less I am using this application.

    And all this to be able to have information and then start with the Arduino project.

    I am very sorry for the effort of the GrowBuddy team but if I do not plan to buy a measuring device if they can barely update the application.

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