hot or not i need to wat tell next week so i can buy a next fan

94f 3 days seedling.. how to cool down the room

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3 answers

  • You are at the high-end of the temperature scale for 3-day-old seedlings but more important is the RH (Relative Humidity). Seedlings need a high RH environment, your RH should be 70-90%. Spraying the seedlings every now and then and keep the soil wet. There aren't many ways to cool the temperature down. 

    Air Conditioning is the "go-to". If it's an exceptional case this wave of hot weather and you need to cool down only a small tent or grow-box you could look at some DIY-Air-Con on youtube, there's few interesting, easy and cheap. But it's a patch, not a cure.


    If the climate in your area is always this hot what you should do IMHO is: 

    1. Research/Select a Strain which is resistant to your environmental characteristics
    2. Germinate your seeds on time. If your climate has warm sunny springs and long, hot summers, you should germinate in early spring, so you can avoid this type of situation
    3. Make Forecasts and stay ahead of forthcoming issues. Try to be prepared to intervene in any event, from pests to Temp, RH, etc. 

    Wish you 'n your girls Best of Luck!

  • thanks man I BUY ME AN A-C ..

    do u think 8 or 9 days from seed is to early to go to VEG?

    • posted by

    you should be fine, just go real light on feeding her.


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