Early Oct. release for GB 2.0 Beta?

Hello GrowBuddy Team,

Is it still looking like we'll be able to get the beta of 2.0 at the beginning of October?

Really looking forward to putting it through full testing and an early Oct. release would work out great in my schedule.

We've all been hanging on waiting for your new version and with it finally getting close to a release date, I'm sure most of us are chomping at the bit.


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    Not only can we try the new version, but also improve the work we do with our plants day. And also help the rest with the endless possibilities there are.

    GrowBuddy 1 is already almost obsolete and with many errors.

  • I am also interested in the new equipment too, looks like some pretty cool monitoring stuff.

  • Bueller....



  • The sooner the better! XD

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