GrowBuddy Team - Porting of data

Hello GrowBuddy Team,

I still haven't gotten an answer whether we'll be able to port all of our data in the current version (GB1), to the new GB2, when it comes out.

Or, will we be starting with a completely clean slate when it is released?

P.S. Any hope for a softly firm answer on when we might see the GB2 beta released?

We're all chomping at the bit by now...

Love the program and can't wait for the upgrade...

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2 answers

  • There won’t be an upgrade. If that’s not clear already... 

    “beginning of October” - It’s now oct 27th. No responses.

    Some of us have been waiting for answers for months now. 

  • Unless you have information the rest of us do not, there will be an upgrade.

    It's more than obvious that the beginning of October release has passed. That was not set in stone by them.

    And yes, they are slow to respond to questions put forth by us, the end users.


    I'm hoping that the upgrade still arrives in the not too distant future.

    Since there is nothing any of us can do to make it happen any faster, I will continue to use and enjoy the 1st version of the software.


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