Stuck on Logging in....

current loggin screen stuck for last 13 hours. any suggestions?

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6 answers

  • Still stuck on login screen???!!!! 

  • Guess we're all in this boat at the moment.

    GB TEAM...I'm hoping version 2.0 will default to "offline mode".

    And, if/when there is any problem when we try to login, the program will automatically revert back to "offline mode", so we are not trapped outside the program with no way to access our data. I would just about consider this mandatory so that we ALWAYS have access to the program and our data.

    Could you please address this to all the fans of your software out here on the 'Net??


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    Here we are also with the same problem.

    The only quick solution is to remove the network cable or the machine (so that it runs out of internet). Thus one can select the off-line mode and access the data.

    That is if you remember that the data is only on that computer.


    I pray that this general fall is because they are about to start the new one. But I see a future blacker and without system.

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    Thanks Diko for the reminder. 

    On the desktop version, shut off your internet access, and then the program will load. 

    Not the best solution, but the one that gets me to my custom feed chart right now.

  • Wont let me login, cuz it doesn't notice user on machine.....any ideas?

  • So i just installed this for the first time and all i get is the logging on screen. It wants me to login the first time online so I guess this is pretty much useless


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