When is the login issue going to be fixed!!!

Grow buddy team!

When are you going to fix the stuck logging in screen I am getting on every device when I try to use your software!?'

I am not the only one having issues!


Please advise how to fix this to allow me to get into the software to back up!

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3 answers

  • Not sure why you (are there others) still not able to log-in? I've been able to log-in for almost a week now after it went down last week.

    As someone else posted on here, if you need access to the software, just disconnect your internet connection first, then you'll be able to launch the program.

    You won't be able to sync all devices access, but at least you can update data and backup if you need to.


  • I am having the same issue still as well.  Minimal response from GroWBuddy on reported issue.  Was able to get into Desktop by disconnecting internet on login, but still cannot get on normally, or use Android app.   At this point they will not worry about coding to migrate from GrowBuddy 1.0 to GrowBuddy 2.0, as no one will be left.

    Thius is a great program.....but you have to get this resolved so it doe not keep recurring....

  • It stared working for me today, dont no why..

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