Just a good way to set up your garden in Grow Buddy- When using mothers

1st you should start with your Main crop that will host your mothers, mind you here you will have a fixed room, imaginary, for your mothers too. call the crop Mothers Crop Start here. Then add in your toom, call it Mothers Room(place all mothers here).

Now begin to add in your mother plants into this crop. Just know that this crop within GB will always be in this crop and room no matter physically where she is.

Now when you make clones make a new crop for each set you take, i.e label crop A22-11/12 that way you know the mom and the date of clones for the crop name. This will keep the ability to move that crop around together, they must stay within the crop or you will LOOSE DATA! This is the only way I have found to keep the clone data in tact with the mothers. If you move them to another crop you will loose the number of clones you have taken in the details tab!

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