GrowBuddy 2.0 finally here!!

Really would love to hear that, but alas, nothing but crickets so far...


It would be great if the GB Team would chime in here and throw us any kind of bone.

What happened to early Oct.?? Is the beta close to release? Are there some setbacks? Etc...


The frustrating part is there is no way to contact the Team. All we can do is sign up for the Beta.

If anyone has any inside info, we would all love to be in the know.


Come on GrowBuddy Team...Bueller...Bueller...

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    Cry Cry ... Cry Cry 

  • No need for tears, Diko.

    It will be released when it will be released.

    I've learned over the years to have patience for things out of my control.

    It's not the wait as much as the lack of communication.

    But, in this industry it's more of the norm than the exception...unfortunately.

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