Don't give up on GB just yet...

I have it on good order that yes, there will be an update. I'm sorry I don't have a date but the project is not dead!!! I repeat not dead.

I agree communication is key and there has been a dirth. Remember though, if there's one thing growing teaches it's patience.

Peace out!!!

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4 answers

  • Love the program. I'd continue to use it for years to come offline, even if an upgrade never became available.

    Patience I have plenty of. But, the GrowBuddy team were the ones who teased for months that an upgrade was coming. Then, they had us sign up to become part of a Beta Team to try the NEW upgrade that would be released in October of last year...and then...crickets..................................................................................................

    As far as all this concerns me, I can wait as long as is needed for the upgrade. What I find extremely grating is not the lack of communication, but the lack of "any" communication.

    Not looking for long explainations or daily updates on status. Even if the team was working 20 hour shifts, 7 days a week, there should still be 1 minute in 1 day over all these months that someone could have written a one line sentence on this board letting us know...something.

    Any I've said, love the program, it is by far the best out there and really looking forward to the good news that SkyPilot has assured us is coming.



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    How come nobody else heard about that, are you clarvoint? 

  • Chirp Chirp As all the negative posts are being systematically "lost". Hmmm 

    Funny 2 years ago we were told in a month... 

    Yes, I'm super salty about this whole operation and how it was ground to a halt due to the creator wanting to maximize sale input by putting a garden sensor in to production instead of focusing on the core functionality of the new 2.0 app  


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    Good point!! DrGreenThumbsSon

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