If there is an answer that helped you, don't forget to mark it as a solution. This way you will help people that had the same question.

Avoid answers like: "Thank you", "Problem solved"... Mark the answer as a solution instead. This way, everyone will see that the question was solved.

Avoid greetings ("Hi, Joe", "My dear friends"...) and closures ("Cheers", "Cya" ...). Because answers are not chronological ordered, this type of message might confuse those who access the post in a near future.


Be sure to add tags to your questions. This will help other find it. The act of asking a question is also the act for searching for a question.If someone already asked a similar question to yours you might not need to ask it.


  • What questions should I ask here?

    Ask any question that is related to growing marijuana. Be sure to add lots of details and explain your question well. Upvote the answer that helped you.

  • What questions shouldn't I ask here?

    This is a site dedicated to questions and answers related to growing marijuana. Please refrain from asking questions that are vague and not related to growing. Those kind of questions only take the place of relevant questions on the home page.

  • Which questions show up in the home page?

    All asked questions are displayed in the home page.

  • How and when an edit approved?

    An edit is only automatically approved if made by the original author or by a moderator. In any other case, the edition is queued and is sent to moderation analysis, therefore it's important that you indicate a reason on the edition's comment field.

  • I can't find my question, what happened to it?

    It was probably not relevant. Any questions with more than 5(five) downvotes are deleted and can't be visualized anymore.